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Women Supporting Women

We've decided to feature some of our favorite resources to encourage our Warriors to build healthy lives and a solid foundation of faith. Check out the links below to purchase books, listen to podcasts, or visit the websites of some of the fiercest women leaders we know. #womensupportwomen

Waiting Warriors

Our founder, Dacía James Lewis, gets candid on the pangs of prolonged waiting seasons. She takes you on a journey and teaches you how to wait well. Get her Best-Selling book on Amazon or a signed copy from her personal website. We love to see it!

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Healing Warriors

Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety & Abuse

A message of hope from the women of Broken Crayons Still Color. A phenomenal devotional that gives language and practical tools on how to create a colorful life in spite of your broken pieces. Toni Collier is a fierce leader, author, speaker, and lover of Christ who serves alongside her husband Sam Collier at Hillsong Atlanta. 


Talk It Out! Warriors

Joyce Meyer and the ladies of the Talk It Out! podcast is comprised of some of the bravest women we know. We had the pleasure of having Erin Cluley, creative director of Joyce Meyer Ministries, on the Women Wives Warriors Podcast. And OMG it was amazing and full of nuggets. Catch her with Mama Joyce on the podcast link below.

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Pure Friendships

Samantha D. Liberal, The Friendship Enthusiast and advocate for the "yes, new friends" movement, has compiled a devotional to be used as a daily anti-body towards those things that we have inwardly ignored as " friendship problems." Friendship Pill Of The Day is filled with very potent and tough pills to swallow. This devotional is an interactive read that will force you to heal in areas you didn't know you needed help in.


Mama Warrior

This is for all the mamas out there. Ashley Nichole is unloading the nuggets on this notion of busyness. Her website is geared to teach us how to beat that pesky to-do list and find more time for things that matter. It's time to get BALANCED. Check out her site mamas.

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Warrior Reads

Check out some of our favorite reads from some of our favorite Warriors.

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